Yes! We said Free! Follow this series of articles to score monthly free stuff to help your productions along. We’ll be creating things like samples packs and showing you how they come together and the process we took to create the sound design for each. We’ll be creating presets for you to download for popular third-party plugins such as Fab Filter, Plugin Alliance and Native Instruments as starting points for mixing and music creation. We’ll also be creating things like DAW templates for various recording, mixing or editing setups which will help create more efficient sessions for you. All of this for FREE!


It is honestly our privilege to work with the people that we do in this industry so we take pride in giving back to the community. We try to give back in the form of sharing our knowledge through these articles but we’re excited to also provide things like production assets to assist people in a practical sense. They say the best things in life are free so please enjoy the coming free releases!


We’re delighted to release a free assets bundle each month. Every edition will hold a new and exciting theme, whether its a ‘Modern Trap Beats’ sample library, ‘Smokey Jazz Piano’ MIDI packs or ‘Ableton mixing templates’, we’ll keep you up to date with the most modern production elements that you can incorporate into your own sessions. Each month we’ll aim to have an accompanying video that coincides with the release of these bundles. We don’t want you to just download and enjoy these bundles and that’s it. We want you to also understand how we got that sound or why we set up 8 mono busses in a mixing session. Keep your eyes peeled for the next release!

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