Ok, this is our chance to Geek Out! We’re not holding back on these articles. The ‘Explained’ series is targeted to all of those ‘Manual Readers’ who’re happy to write off half the day to understand every aspect of, for example, “Nyquist Theorem”, ‘Sample Quantisation Error” or the difference between “Spectral Re-synthesis” and “Additive Re-synthesis”. We’ll be diving deep into many technical concepts to do with music production that are often unexplained or remain largely ambiguous to the masses.


We love learning and we also love passing on knowledge. This is what has inspired us to create such a series. Accurate and reliable knowledge can often be hard to come across on the internet. It’s either spoken through inexperience, researched poorly or doesn’t look at both sides and incorporate all the facts. We’d like to think that we take the utmost integrity when bringing you these articles, knowing that we’ve discovered the full picture before bringing the information to you.


We’ll be bringing you these articles regularly in the form of not only just written articles but in video form too. We hope the extra time and love we put into creating such videos helps our viewers form a better understanding of what we’re talking about. Expect to hear a broad range of topics that discuss at length and in-depth the “Difference Between ISRC / UPC and EAN Codes” or “The different Types Of Dither And What Each Offer” or for example “How To Setup An Automated Backup System”. We hope you enjoy tuning into this series as much as we do creating it and we’re super excited to see what things you all learn from it.

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