Introducing our “Motivation” category. We find this topic as one of the most underrated things in the creative industry. The feeling of being motivated. What drives us? Why do we take certain paths and make the choices we do? and when we get creatively drained and start questioning our purpose, what things can we do to pick ourselves back up and remain on track towards our dreams? We’re so excited to launch this category as it’ll discuss common causes of being de-motivated, what causes us to become creatively burnt out, and what behaviours/actions can lead us down that slippery slope of being demotivated.


Being musicians ourself, we can relate to our clients a lot, given that our journeys have similar ups and downs. When things seem to be going well and you can see your skills, act or brand progressing in a positive direction, that seems to have a proportional effect on how motivated we feel. However, if things aren’t going so well, we can often tie ourselves up in self-doubt, self-sabotage and slowly sink into this pit of demotivation. I’m sure we’ve all felt this state of mind which can be so destructive to our mental health and cause us to irrationally start questioning the very things we love and cherish – for many of us, a career in the music industry. For this reason, the team at Forte Mastering can’t stand seeing talented musicians calling the quits when there are so many tools and techniques around to combat this illusive predator. That is precisely what ‘motivates’ us to bring you this exciting series of articles.


We’ll be releasing regular articles that will cover lots of ground. We’ll provide tips and tricks from industry professionals that help you identify behaviours that may be causing you to feel demotivated. We’re going to get stuck right into social media and the detrimental effects it’s seemingly proved to have on the younger generation’s mental psyche. Given that a lot of artists rely on social media to create brand awareness and to harness many online opportunities, we’re going to spend some time looking at how you can maximise the benefits social media has to offer but at the same time avoid its trap. We’ll be interviewing industry professionals and gauging their tips and tricks on practical ways to stay motivated for whatever musical goals you’re striving for. We’ll also take a look at some key motivational speakers outside of the music industry such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay and Simon Sinek to gauge their pearls of wisdom in ways in which we can apply them to our own craft.

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